A matching horseshoe cable cowl.

Monday was new keys day!

Super  Exciting!

When we get our stuff, that will be even more exciting, but this is exciting nonetheless. Our container has cleared customs #Yeah Customs! #Younailedit! But……………… is now awaiting a delivery slot so we can get it picked up from Oakland, and delivered to our new place……. Bah!

Anyhow, soon I shall be swapping the silly tiled worktop (looks pretty when clean, but is impractical as collects crumbs and you can’t knead or roll out on it) for a glorious expanse of granite! Suhweet! #Givememystuff!

I have however, already been making good use of it as a sewing table:


I actually got a new sewing table for my craft room, but currently we only have one single barstool to sit on (we actually got two, but one of them has a fault and requires a bit of drilling to be able to put it together – #IKEAfail), so I must sit here instead. But look how big the surface is! Loads o’ space for laying out patterns and cutting! This will change once it gets cluttered up with appliances!

So, I made my cozy hat the other day.

Love it. Love the colour.

Decided to get a bit matchy matchy and make a cowl!

I browsed Ravelry for some inspiration, and found this speedy cabled cowl.




The original pattern had a more standard twisty cable though, and I wanted it to be in keeping with the hat, so I used the pattern just as a basis for my cowl, rather than following it to the letter, substituting a horseshoe cable for the regular cable:

Horseshoe Cabled Cowl

The wool was Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Spearmint like before. I cast on 48 sts instead of 41, and worked the piece in the round, rather than flat and then seaming. The increase was worked by *k2 m1 p2 m1* repeated until the last 4 stitches, then k2 p2, to give 70 sts. The horseshoe cable pattern was made by working *c6f c6b p2* x 7 for the first round, then *k12 p2* x 7, for 4 rounds. This was then repeated, then 2 rounds worked like the first round, followed by one round of *k12 p2* x7, decreasing then working in k2 p2 rib for 3 rounds, then binding off in pattern – very loosely (having first done it too tightly and having to undo it and redo it so I could get it over my head!)


Horseshoe Cabled Cowl

“But Lindsay, you live in California. Surely you have little use for something so cozy?”


It’s pretty.

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