A belated post on bibs….

Way back in November I bought a teeny tiny portable sewing machine. The reason? I had found and bought some cute chick print fabric from Hart’s Fabric, and wanted to make some baby bibs for my friend Pat. We had had a little bib making session together with both my pregnant girlies before we moved over here, but she really wanted chick print – it’s a long story, and we couldn’t find any at the time. I was so sad that we were going to have moved by the time the babies arrived, and wanted to make a little something for them both.

So I got out the little machine:

Janome 124

…. made some bibs, and posted them off to England! Chicks, and a little one embroidered ready for Christmas:

Chick bibs

Not fair to make for one and not the other right? So when we finally got to meet my friend Rhi’s little lady…..

Owl Bibs

…………..I made this little collection of Owl themed bibs! The owl on the central bib is crocheted from this tutorial, I had pinned it a while back with this in mind, as Rhi loves owls, we had found some owl-y fabric back in Bristol, but these ones were super cute too!

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