I used to love a Mixtape.

There was a special skill to compiling a good mixtape.

Of course these days we don’t even have a cassette player in our apartment. I technically do still own a cassette player, my beloved Mini still has the original stereo, complete with cassette.

Anyway, the skill of a mixtape was the right combination of music, seamless blending between tracks, or just not leaving a 5 minute gap of silence. Also, of course, managing to time it just right so that there wasn’t a empty space at the end of the tape. It’s much easier with MP3s. But somehow that makes me sad.

I picked up another little cross stitch project the other day, I have a little selection of patterns that I have put in a pile awaiting tackling. This one is of course a good oldfashioned cassette tape.

Cassette Tape

I framed it with a simple cheap wooden frame from Ikea, using some craft foam as a border.

I think it fits in pretty well alongside our X wing (an addition to our decor from Mr M).

Cassette Tape Cross Stitch

Keeping it retro!

This week I also took a cycle with a new meetup group, celebrated St George’s Day by making some very British (vegetarian) cottage pie:

(vegetarian) cottage pie

……and then yesterday took the afternoon off studying and headed up to SF to meet up some a couple of lovely ladies that I met at the Bay Area Sewists meetup on Saturday.

It was the Britex remnant sale.

I got some fabric.


I have a couple of projects in mind….. and was also seduced by the shiny.

That has been my week!

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