Crochet cushion inspired by Pinterest

A few weeks ago I was looking through things I had pinned on Pinterest, and wanted to start you know…. actually doing something with some of them!

This post I pinned because I loved the way the cushion is constructed, and how the colours go together:

Original pin

It is made out of regular granny squares, but instead of one for the front, and one for the back, the squares are joined so that the diagonals of the squares, make the sides of the cushion.

In my craft room I have a regular boring old plastic chair from Ikea to sit at my desk and study and sew etc. with.

What I would like is a more interesting chair, but I settled for making a more interesting cushion to sit on, to replace the temporary measure that I have had for about 7 years…….

I had a 5.5mm crochet hook, but no worsted weight wool, so i cycled to the craft store. I perhaps need a bigger bag, or panniers/ a basket on my bike, as I had to squeeze it in the the side pockets of my backpack!

I ended up using 1 ball each of some yellow, white, and pink wool, although still had a whole lot leftover!


I was really drawn to these colours in the store, thought they looked really fresh and springtime-y. And the yarn was on sale for only $1.88!

On and off over the last few weeks, while watching tv, I crocheted my squares:

Crochet square

I did standard granny squares, 3 rounds pink, 1 round white, 2 rounds yellow, 1 round white, 2 rounds pink. 1 round white, then 1 round of yellow to finish them off.

To join them together I just used crochet, giving a slight ridge to the joins, for a bit of added interest:

Granny Square Cushion

Cute yes?

The original cushion was actually a bit big for the chair, so when I made this cushion I made it a bit smaller, and made a new inner, by just joining a couple of simple 15×15″ squares of material toegther with my overlocker on 3 sides, stuffing it with the innards of the old one (and plumping it up at the same time, as I said, I had had this cushion a long time!), and then overlocking the remaining edge.

Easy peasy.

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