For Science!

Another busy week, but I made these two little lovelies last weekend, took some pictures, then didn’t get around to posting them.

One of my friend Baxter and I’s favourite expression is “For Science!”

Pretty much everything in our lives is “For Science!”

But then again,……………………….. we are scientists.

It is also kinda inspired by Dr F from MySims Kingdom:



Anywho, I found this fabric at Stonemountain and Daughter the other week when I attended a Bay Area Sewists meetup, I bought 3 yards, took 1 yard for myself to make a Polly, and gave the rest to my fellow sewing scientist Lizzie to make something with – Game On Lizziebeth! Your turn!

I made it the exact same as my last Polly, and Mr M and I headed to the park to play frisbee (I am SUPER bad at it) and so we took some pictures!

Science Polly

So tell me? Is it super clear which pocket I keep my phone in? ;o) Haha! It happens every time!

I also got some button print fabric while I was in Bristol, and made another.

Here are the deets:

Polly Deets


Simple and easy! Science and Sewing!

Also, thanks Scotland! I am glad we are still united! I wore my super stylish Union Flag Rosette all day at work in celebration :o)


  1. Lols. I was wondering how that picket flap looked so perfectly rectangular without topstitching, then read on to your phone! :-). Lovely top , you look cute in it.

  2. I am also so thankful that we are still a union. Our next holiday was going to be Snowdon but now changed to somewhere in Scotland :-).

    1. I spent the day with my beautiful rosette on listening to Idlewild, Biffy Clyro, and Twin Atlantic πŸ™‚

  3. I was relieved too. I didn’t want to leave Scotland but I’d have moved south of the border if the eejits had pushed it through. So relieved and glad we’re still a union. Cute top too! For science! xx

  4. For Science!!

    1. Yeah Science!

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