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Bag embellishment.

I finished my bag kit just after we got to San Diego, but it felt like it was missing a little something. Limited internet in SD meant limited opportunity to scour for a pattern. Limited time to craft in Portland meant I didn’t look there either. Now I’m relaxing it up in Seattle…. time to […]

Crochet iPod Case

Now we’re in Seattle, it’s time to rest and relax. I hit up a couple of craft stores for some pretty yarn and some other bits and pieces, and decided to make something to replace my iPod case, which is unfortunately looking a bit sad and forlorn and …………….ruffled. Homemade felt suffers from pilling a […]

Moustachetastic Neck Warmer

This weekend we go away on holiday. Whooooooop! I’m just a little excited. We’re spending a few days in San Diego, then flying up to Portland, spending a few days there and meeting a friend of ours, driving up to Seattle, spending some time there including a trip up to Whistler for some skiing! It’s […]

Baking day: Coconut and Ginger Hobnobs and Ginger Cake!

Bad On Call shift = Day off work! Woo! After doing a bit of marking when I got home at 5AM (one of my co-workers is being assessed next week, so I have been assisting our training officer in marking off the evidence and questions), I finished watching the last few episodes of Numb3rs (now […]

Crochet square coasters.

So, you learn a new skill. Then you’ve got to practice. In my new book, 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match by Jan Eaton, there’s a totally amazing looking quilt. But involves some pretty complicated looking squares, so I thought I would start off just with some simple standard plain […]

Granny Crochet Hook Roll

A little while ago I blogged a little about some crochet I had been doing, practicing for something bigger by making a new craftacular case for my crochet hook set that I had as a Christmas present. This project came from this Magbook: …..and…… I finished it today! Woo! The progression of the project followed […]

Mr T(ea Loving Rex), the Gentleman Dinosaur.

I was really really super duper excited about this post, but alas, I had to contain it, as it was a birthday present for my friend and I couldn’t post it until I had given it to her, just in case she saw it and it ruined the surprise! However, today we lunched and had […]