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Pattern weights from DIY washers.

Since I bought my big cutting mat and rotary cutter, I have been using it more and more for cutting out fabric pattern pieces, as it’s so quick to do. Pins tend to distort the fabric, so when cutting out it can be less accurate. Often therefore, I grab random objects from around the room, […]

An Ode to my Perfect Jeans.

The elusive Perfect Pair of Jeans. So difficult to find, so personal and so precious. Once found, of course they should be bought in multiples of… 10 or so? These are just such a pair, well worn and well loved: I like them because they fit reasonably tightly around the waist, fitted enough to flatter, […]

Knitted Breast.

I love my family. We’re arranging a little family get together in a couple of months time, partially for my 30th birthday (eep!), and partially because we really like each other and don’t see each other enough! My cousin’s wife rang me about it the other day…..Only in my family would the conversation then go […]

Holiday: time for a new hobby.

Or maybe not a new hobby, but a new variation on an old one. The Lazy Crafter has been working away on trying to master Tunisian Crochet, and after seeing all her pins on the subject, and a challenge laid down on Facebook (which we all know is legally binding), I decided to try and […]

Bag embellishment.

I finished my bag kit just after we got to San Diego, but it felt like it was missing a little something. Limited internet in SD meant limited opportunity to scour for a pattern. Limited time to craft in Portland meant I didn’t look there either. Now I’m relaxing it up in Seattle…. time to […]

Crochet iPod Case

Now we’re in Seattle, it’s time to rest and relax. I hit up a couple of craft stores for some pretty yarn and some other bits and pieces, and decided to make something to replace my iPod case, which is unfortunately looking a bit sad and forlorn and …………….ruffled. Homemade felt suffers from pilling a […]

Moustachetastic Neck Warmer

This weekend we go away on holiday. Whooooooop! I’m just a little excited. We’re spending a few days in San Diego, then flying up to Portland, spending a few days there and meeting a friend of ours, driving up to Seattle, spending some time there including a trip up to Whistler for some skiing! It’s […]

Baking day: Coconut and Ginger Hobnobs and Ginger Cake!

Bad On Call shift = Day off work! Woo! After doing a bit of marking when I got home at 5AM (one of my co-workers is being assessed next week, so I have been assisting our training officer in marking off the evidence and questions), I finished watching the last few episodes of Numb3rs (now […]

Crochet square coasters.

So, you learn a new skill. Then you’ve got to practice. In my new book, 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match by Jan Eaton, there’s a totally amazing looking quilt. But involves some pretty complicated looking squares, so I thought I would start off just with some simple standard plain […]

Granny Crochet Hook Roll

A little while ago I blogged a little about some crochet I had been doing, practicing for something bigger by making a new craftacular case for my crochet hook set that I had as a Christmas present. This project came from this Magbook: …..and…… I finished it today! Woo! The progression of the project followed […]