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Franken-Indie: My Keilabetto

I wasn’t sure whether this would be submissible for Franken-Indie, technically, I am not actually combining two sewing patterns, more a freebie crochet pattern with sewing instructions, and a freebie sewing pattern. But after consultation with those in charge, it is, and so I made sure to take it out of the work-in-progress-but-being-ignored pile and […]

An inverted pleat sorbetto to make Patrick and May proud!

So, the other week I made an inverted pleat sorbetto. It was lovely. I even made my own binding and sewed it to the inside to finish the edges off all nicely….. but then realised….. perhaps I should have continued the pattern across the pleat….. Oooops. I maintain that the pattern doesn’t necessarily repeat, because […]

Sorbetto Variation: Crossover Back

Man it has been toasty warm of late here in good old Blighty! It’s almost like it’s what is that time of year called again? Oh yes… Summer. Which has of course been somewhat unpredictable, rainy, and generally not all that summery for the last few years. Ick. Now it has returned, or at least […]