Last weekend was time again for another meetup of the Bay Area Sewists, so it spurred me to spend a few hours on Saturday evening making a muslin and getting stuck into using up some of the fabric I scored at last month’s fabric swap! For the pattern I decided to try out the freebie […]

Coat Pocket Biscuits

These little beauties I actually made on Wednesday night while watching GBBO (such amazing showstoppers this year!), but by the time they came out of the oven it was late, and so today I finally catch up with myself! Coat Pocket Biscuits Recipe – taken from Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne Ingredients 250g unsalted butter, […]

Cherry Cupcake Apron

It’s the return of the Great British Bake Off! Are we excited people? I know I am. I celebrated the occasion by coming home from work on Wednesday night, cleaning the kitchen, then baking up a batch of Earl Grey Cupcakes! (It was cake week after all!) I had been speaking to my lovely new […]

Levi's Stadium

This weekend I felt like I was two people, on Saturday we went to California’s Great America (great if you love to queue……….. for everything), and then to help christen the new Levi’s Stadium for San Jose Earthquakes vs. Seattle Sounders F.C.* *But Seattle Sounders F.C., why are you an F.C. when you insist on […]

Flamingo: Phoenicopterus ruber

This is what I sing pretty much any time I see something that involves a Flamingo. I would like a sixties-esque soundtrack to my life. ….and this month the free bird pattern with CrossStitcher was a flamingo! So of course I got right on that: I finished the hoop with some glittery silver ribbon – […]

Crochet Cat

It’s a busy busy time! But not all work and no play, this past weekend we went to Santa Cruz, went on some rides, played in the amusement arcade, and built a sandcastle. Winterfell it ain’t. But we did only have one small bucket, and a really flimsy mini spade. However, we manage to win […]

E. coli Cross Stitch

Working for a living is really cutting into my crafting time. At the moment in these early stages, everything is pretty hectic, and I am putting in some fairly long hours, so weekdays/nights are pretty much a no-go on the crafting. However, Friday I got out early and felt the urge for some crafting, and […]


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