Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tea Loaf Cake.

Just before you go away on holiday, you realise that you have 11 eggs, 2 packs of butter and other random things in the fridge. What to do with a load of eggs? Bake. ——————————————————————————- Tea Loaf Cake – taken from Bristol Community Cake Book Ingredients: 350g mixed dried fruit 200g dark brown sugar 270g […]

Pizza time

Sometimes you feel like some Pizza. A little bit of time (and a breadmaker to do all the hard work) and you can have nice homemade Pizza. Little effort, and totally customisable based on the contents of the fridge. This time around, I also didn’t have any ordinary strong white bread flour in the cupboard… […]

Apple Cake.

We had some cooking apples festering in the fruit bowl, abandoned, forsaken, and of course inedible unless something is done with them. Soon to be off on holiday, they really needed something doing with them… so what else would I do with leftover apples? Make a cake! This is my favourite apple cake recipe, I […]

Chocolate Marble Cake with White Chocolate Icing

A little while ago, I was flicking through one of my (ever increasing collection of) cookbooks, and writing down a ‘to bake’ list of everything I liked the look of…. As the book was: The very beautiful British Baking by Peyton and Byrne (Oliver Peyton), the list was extensive: The first things off the list […]

Marshmallow Teacakes

Who loves Teacakes? I know I do, but what if instead of the firm set marshmallow of the Tunnocks Teacake, it contains the fluffy gooey marshmallow of Snowballs? Oh and was homemade, which obviously trumps all. —————————————————————————————- Marshmallow Teacakes Recipe – taken from British Baking by Peyton and Byrne Ingredients: Biscuit base: 110g plain flour […]

Peppery Pasta.

A long time ago I watched an episode of Lorraine Pascale’s Home Cooking Made Easy. She made some delicious looking cracked black pepper pasta and as ever I thought “ahhh yes, I should give that a try”, but didn’t actually ever get around to it. There’s no real excuse, I have the pasta making attachment […]

Sausage Dogs and Munchtaches.

I love making biscuits. If the biscuits are cute… even better. The first time I made this recipe, it was for a friend’s birthday. She isn’t a big cake fan, but she does like biscuits…. and Sausage Dogs. It was her 30th birthday too… so that deserves 30 little fellas all looking their best! P.S […]