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Mr T(ea Loving Rex), the Gentleman Dinosaur.

I was really really super duper excited about this post, but alas, I had to contain it, as it was a birthday present for my friend and I couldn’t post it until I had given it to her, just in case she saw it and it ruined the surprise! However, today we lunched and had […]

How 2012 was for me.

A year ago today I published my first blog post. Just a simple little Hello. 1 year later, and I this is my 189th post. 45 of them included chocolate. At least 80% of them were probably fueled by chocolate. Or Chocolate Microwave Brownies…. Some major events have happened this year, for us Brits in […]

A Moose for Moose.

Once again, one of our members of staff is leaving us. It is a particularly sad time, because it’s another one in a long line of people who have left meaning people are thin on the ground and stressed out, and because of her positivity, joyfulness, and general all-round fabulosity. Her nickname is Moose. Because […]

A Knitted Plesiosaur

This is another project from Tina Barrett’s Knitted Dinosaurs book. After making the Pterodactyl, I wanted to make all of them, so am slowly making my way through the book, making them for each of my friends and familys children! (I so want one of each for myself, but I can’t really justify it!) The […]


My friend bought this book, Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett. And well… they were all just so darn cute! Not really scary at all. I needed it in my life. But I guess knitting a dinosaur for myself was kind of silly. I need children to justify these things. But I do have totally adorable […]

Happy Birthday Mouse!

It’s been a while, but I decided to return to my Knitted Mouse. It is the birthday of little lady in question this week, so I thought I would make a new outfit. Pattern wise, I used the standard pattern from the Ultimate Book of Baby Knits as before, but worked it in mainly in […]

Getting the knitting needles out.

… having been so busy recently, time has really slipped through my fingers. Now a friend at work is due to go on Maternity leave (and now going a week earlier than planned due to pregnancy related Carpal Tunnel) and as part of her gift on leaving I had planned to make her a knitted […]