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Small steps…

… towards sorting things out. Yesterday we set aside as a day to do not a lot. We didn’t plan to visit the bank, social security… any of that stuff. Yesterday, was set aside because these little furry lovelies were arriving: Yey pussycats! We wanted to spend the day settling them in and make sure […]

Bear with me…….

It is happened! We have moved and are now living in San Jose, CA! I am therefore parted from a whole lot of my stuff for a while, so shall be limited to making things that don’t require a whole lot of equipment. I shall however most likely have a whole lot more time on […]


Originally posted on Rivka and Ivory:
I have to confess that I was a little surprised to read about the massive divide between foodies over the Great British Bake-Off. I adore the show for the recipes and ideas and the sometimes hilarious contestants. I was even more surprised to read about the vitriol and name…

Little Summer Dresses

More secretive work, although when it’s not a secret from Andrew it’s much easier! It’s a special little lady’s 2nd birthday today, so I decided to make her a little dress for a present. The pattern is from a great book called 101 fabric by fabric ways to sew a metre, which is full of […]

So… what have I been upto?

This week has been yet again, uncharacteristically lovely. Weather-wise anyway. It’s almost like it is actually summer, rather than this rubbish, rainy, cold stuff we have been used to over the last few years. I hope it stays for a little while at least. But while it’s so nice outside, it seems a waste to […]

A quick DIY for Yoga: Yoga mat towel.

This weekend our boiler broke. Just after Mr M went away for a business trip. Him being all manly, he doesn’t seem to trust my estimation, I suspect he thinks that if he pushes a button it will magically fix itself, so wants to see it for himself before we call someone out to fix […]

The Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge: Final – Mary Berry’s Fondant Fancies

This weekend I went to work, had some lovely food at Hart’s Bakery, then went to a friend’s birthday BBQ with the theme of “Beardfest”. I took the crochet moustache off my neckwarmer and used double sided sticky tape to stick it to my face. It was quite the spiffy look. Today, we went for […]