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Quick bags for Organisation.

Last weekend we went camping up at Union Valley Reservoir: Yup. It is kind of empty! Anyhow, camping of course involved the purchase of a proper grown-up tent (our previous tent we left behind in the UK as it was fit for nothing but muddy music festivals….. and only barely – it had a rip […]

Comox Trunks…

…or where I finally start making Mr M the Comox Trunks intended as a Christmas Present. Yup. I bought him the Comox Trunks kit for Christmas, but it is now April and I had yet to make him them! These were the first try, not made with the supplies in the kit, but with some […]

Scout Scout Scout

I am generally a very casually dressed person. Like tshirt and jeans pretty much 99% of the time. However, I recently had occasion to require something a little smarter (when I say recently, I actually mean over 3 weeks ago, (eagle eyed readers might remember it from this post) but I didn’t get around to […]

On Game Days We Wear Teal….. Part 2.

This weekend has been a lazy weekend. I think it was due after a hectic week, but I did make an effort on Saturday morning to make Mr M a new shirt. It is another Colette Negroni, made using the exact same pieces that I had already adjusted for his previous shirts here. I made […]

Welcome back Bernie!

Happy days people! I picked up my beloved Bernina from Ray’s Sewing Machine Center yesterday, and she is running smoothly once again! I was concerned that it was curtains for Bernie after I took it to one sewing machine repair place and they suggested that it was too expensive to fix, and that I should […]

On Game Days We Wear Teal……

After many months of eyeing up Sharks fabric at Joann, and then finally buying some…. then it sitting on the shelf…. I took my friend Brooke to her first Sharks game last night, so even only having my comedy portable machine, I decided it was time to make myself a top! (crappy phone picture of […]

My Borderline Inappropriate Christmas Dress

You guys! It is only blimmin’ Christmas! And quite importantly, I only have one more module of Physics and an exam to get through, and then I am freeeeeeee! Until going back to school (hopefully) in the Summer. Anyhow, while work commitments, distance, and a general lack of organisation have prevented me from writing Christmas […]

Scientific Scrubs

I have been hankering after some nice comfy tops to wear to work. A couple of the people who are training in our lab right now are from another lab, and wear scrubs to work…. Maybe I don’t want proper scrubs, but some scrubs inspired by my Souvenir Alcatraz top? Yeah! I took a pattern […]

For Science!

Another busy week, but I made these two little lovelies last weekend, took some pictures, then didn’t get around to posting them. One of my friend Baxter and I’s favourite expression is “For Science!” Pretty much everything in our lives is “For Science!” But then again,……………………….. we are scientists. It is also kinda inspired by […]

Fabric Swap Polly

Last weekend was time again for another meetup of the Bay Area Sewists, so it spurred me to spend a few hours on Saturday evening making a muslin and getting stuck into using up some of the fabric I scored at last month’s fabric swap! For the pattern I decided to try out the freebie […]